Django's Bar

Die Kultkneipe in Moraira

Info for the british people:

Press Article from the Augsburg, Germany, Local Newspaper, by David Huth (05.2014)

Django and his Spanish Cult Bar

Dieter Baur from Leipheim found his luck in Spain. He has been running a bar on the Costa Blanca for more than 20 years. Django's Bar is as iconic as he is.

Drinks go in rounds. Dieter Baur raises his glass: "cheers, friends, cheers" and the glasses clink, in the house, Django's special is a homemade schnapps (SPEZIALI), a mixture of high proof aniseed liquor and Fernetbranca.

"Holy Moly" shouts Dieter Baur after his special slips down his throat, a phrase that the Leipheim man often uses. It means something like "Holy Mackerel" and somehow also describes Dieter Baur quite well.

But only a few still address by his bourgeois name. His guests know him by his nickname Django. He owes this to Django, with his cowboy hat, fringe jacket and moped as he looked in his vouth like the leading actor of the Italian spaghetti Western. Baur looked out of place in the surroundings of Leipheim and when he rode his moped through the local streets, everyone always shouted: "Look, here comes Django again" and I did look exactly like Django, he emphasises.

This is the name of his bar which he has been running in the coastal town of Moraira on the Spanish Costa Blanca for more than 20 years. At the outset the property was a wreck and he had to renovate everything himself.
The bar is in the market square next to the church in the town centre. The bar same first and other buildings were erected around it.

The long haired fat man, as Django describes himself, is not only the owner of the bar, but also its very trademark. Most people come for me he says. If I am not there then they go again.

The now 52 year old left his home town of Leipheim at age 18. At that time it was just a holiday trip to Spain. Then I met a model on the beach he says. Her name was Kika and she was Spanish. Django's heart was so smitten he returned to Spain one year later. This time he drove a VW campervan to the Costa Blanca and stayed.

The love for Kika died at some point but his love for Spain did not. The Costa Blanca remained his base but he travelled around the world, all over the USA and to Singapore and Malaysia.

In the mid 1990's he went back home for a few years. In "Kötz" he opened the pub "Löwe" (Lion), a rock venue. It was well known back then he savs. At the same time he also bought the bar in Moraira and ran both businesses in tandem for a year and a half. Then I wanted to do something different which I could operate on my own if necessary, explains Django. So the trained chef gave up the bar in "Kötz" and moved back to Spain.
Leipheim is also home to Django from afar. His brother and his parents are still living there which is why he often returns to Germany. My only assistance in Spain was the weather says Dieter Baur. If ever asked if he would return to the upper Danube region of Germany, he says "never say never".